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Quick Hammer Rack

Hammer Rack

I have a bunch of hammers. Claw hammers, ball-peen hammers, hand sledges, wooden artists' mallets,
rubber deadblow- rubber NON deadblow - rawhide, bronze... I have cross-peens, hot punches and flatters,
I have a dozen body-and-fender hammers, I've got small machinists' hammers, slap hammers and slide hammers.

I have four drawers in three different tool chests full of hammers- plus the ones piled on and around my anvils.
Today my... I guess "commonly used hammers" drawer rather seriously pissed me off. First it jammed closed,
because a handle had rolled over so it stopped against the drawer above it. That took me a few minutes
to solve, which was compounded moments later by the drawer not wanting to close because I
hadn't stacked everything in exactly the right order- which, due to the number of tools,
had to be done else the drawer simply wouldn't close.

That, like several (dozen) other things in the shop, is something I've been meaning to fix, so, being
somewhat fed up and lacking a suitable nearby target to destroy, I set aside what I was working on,
and whipped up this. It's a very simple rack arrangement: just two bars of 3/8" rod from my piles
out back, and three homebrew brackets. The brackets I developed on the fly,
and whipped up quickly thanks to my recently-made press brake.

Hammer Rack

Once done, that simply screws to the wall like so, on a somewhat disused back wall
to which I have hung other tools and accessories:

Hammer Rack

Said rack then quite capably takes up to 15 hammers, nice and neatly and easily accessible. Note a little trick there:
The front rod is welded to the tip of the angle braces, while the rear one is welded to the top of the braces. That
causes the hammers to hang at a slight angle, with the handles tilted towards the wall. It came out great,
and I'm quite happy with it. The only problem? It didn't even empty out the one drawer, completely. :)

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