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2024, our Twenty-Sixth Year Building Some of the Coolest Stuff Around!

We build, we play, we rock

Latest News, February 2024: It's Official: Doc's Machine has been in business Twenty-six Years!
Check out our latest YouTube Videos, featuring the Puma pump pistol!
Also on Utreon! New Patreon! Old one for the Comics and Art, New one for the Machine shop and videos!

Doc's Paintball Shirts and Gear Store Doc's Paintball Shop and Whiteboard Webcomic Store
Our modest collection of wares, including paintball T-Shirts (keep an eye out for our periodic special-order runs) Whiteboard books (Alaska's Coolest Webcomic) Paintball Motivational Posters, gearbags and mousepads, and of course our line of Doc's unique creations, including Automag Barrel Adapters, Eye Patch E-Blade eye hole covers, Tanto Freak barrels, 'Cocker ball detents, Flashpoint Barrel Tips and more!
Doc's Machine Custom Paintball Gun Gallery Custom Paintball Gear Gallery
Just a few of the markers, bodies, stocks, drops, loaders, barrels and other paintball goodies that have come out of our shop.
Custom Paintball Guns from mild to wild
Paintball Projects
A series of illustrated write ups and how-tos of a few marker builds, conversions and custom-made paintball parts.
Machine tools and shoes full'a swarf
Shop and Tool Projects
Machine upgrades, accessories, add-ons and restored and custom tooling.
Machine Tool Rebuilds
Machine Tool Rebuild Projects
Adding capabilities to the machine shop by restoring old and worn tools back to near-new or even better than new!

Internal combustion mayhem
Automotive Projects
Occasionally we've been known to twist a wrench on cars and trucks, too.
All the other projects
And all the Other Projects
Stuff that doesn't really fit in the other categories. From Plasma Cannons to high speed office chairs!
Alaskan Paintball Action!
Alaskan Paintball Action
Pics of big Games, outlaw play, rec games and tournaments from all over the State.
Alaska's Coolest Paintball Webcomic!
The Whiteboard
Alaska's Coolest vaguely-paintball-related Webcomic! Confusing the heck out of nonplayers every Weekday since 2002!
Help keep the full-color mayhem flowing by joining our Patreon! See extras and in-progress sketches!
Paintball in the Movies!
The Definitive Guide to Paintball in the Movies!
From American Dad to V for Vendetta, an always-in-progress database collecting the uses of paintball guns and gear in movies, TV shows and more.

Some Of Our Other Fun Sections:

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Last Updated Feb. 4th, 2024

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