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Element (now 907) Paintball, Anchorage, Alaska. Midnight Sun Tournament Series 2, June 2006

Lettin' one loose.

Count the balls in the air.

Tradin' paint.

He gave me a computer, figured I ought to have at least one decent shot of him.

"What's goin' on out there?"

"Um, can someone loan me some paint?"

Took about twenty shots in a row here, and didn't catch a single ball in the air.

Tam pitches an empty.

Dueling Egoes.

That's a bad spot to be in.

I did not post this one just because he has my stickers on his loader.

Keepin' low.

This is about the only pose I ever catch Tamara in... well, except for that one time...

Okay, THIS one I posted because of the sticker.

Last year I made fun of using fifty cents in gaffer tape on a $100 Halo. Looks like this guy can't even afford that.

Ryanthius and Mini-Me take on the bad guys.

You ever get that feeling you're being watched?

Automags, represent!

The ref judges an impromptu bunker-painting contest, grading on style, coverage and technique.

FBX pots up.

Tantrum shows a little bling.

Voted "sexiest knees" by by his teammates.

Self portrait.

You take the high road, I'll take the low road...

Chaos sneaks up on... Chaos.

Just what's the point of rolling the goggle chin like that? Nomal goggles not goofy enough already?

Tantrum misses something important.

"Get my good side this time, huh?"

"You don't have a good side."

Wanna make sure I don't take any pictures of you? Have a loader sticker that brags about wiping.

Wait, haven't we seen this guy already?

Caught in the act.

Capt. Picard plays paintball.

Ensign Redshirt bites it during an away mission.

The technique, the poise, the style. It's still an Ion though...

What are you lookin' at? Don't make me come over there.

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