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Element (now "907") Paintball, Anchorage, Alaska. Midnight Sun Tournament Series 1, June 2005

Caleb shows 'em how it's done with a really cool marker.

Why is the guy in the back running away?

"I swear this is how I saw 'em doing it down in San Diego!"

"It's called tucking, not cringing!"

The weekend of the MSTS-1 wasn't always friendly. Turned out nice, but got a tad ominous at times.

The Doc-Booth. Many a marker has been repaired under this banner.

Some teams' tent with their marker stash. No, I don't want to fix your HALO, kid.

He finally gets a ball out the barrel!

"I knew I should have bought both kneepads!"

"Cover me. I think I can get him."

"Let's see, he's gonna pop out right about..."

Three balls in the air but there's nobody there.

One of the little-known hazards of using yellow-tinted lenses. "He's gotta be over there somewhere!"

Synchronized bunker running. The pas de deux...

... Crecendo...

... And Finis.

Ever since Melvin traded in his Autococker for a Cyborg, his lens-replacement costs have gone way down.

An' just a BKO.

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