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Spline cutter

A few years ago, I had a pair of rather ancient old Israeli IR night-vision goggles. They're early-early first-generation,
and as such, need an infrared light source. I'm told they were originally used in conjunction with IR searchlights mounted to tanks,
and IR-lensed flashlights. In order to use them myself, I simply whipped up a Radio Shack project box that held two IR LEDs,
a switch, and a pair of AA batteries. Taped to the goggles, they were self-illuminating, and you could work hands-free in total darkness.

Range was short- about 20 feet for anything nonreflective, you could get a return off of reflectors and license plates from about
150 feet though- and they're small tubes. It was like looking through two toilet-paper tubes with the ends covered in green cheesecloth. :)

Anyway, they worked fine, but used an obscure and not-all-that-easy-to-find mercury battery.

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