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Quick Rack for Morse Taper Drills

Drill rack

One of those many little pet peeves has been my collection of Morse Taper drills. I don't have a huge number of them,
only a few dozen, and I don't use them all that much, since the majority of my day-to-day work involves holes smaller
than half-inch. The problem is, having no place to properly store them, I basically just jumbled them into a convenient
drawer. Well, you're not supposed to do that- the cutting edges can bang together and get dull or even chipped, so I'd
wrap them or layer them with rags. THAT makes it hard to find certain sizes- the one you need is always at the bottom-
so sometimes, if I'm in a rush, it's just easier to go with a standard straight-shank or reduced shank drill.

Well, I was shifting crap around in the drawer, and finally decided I'd do something about it. I grabbed a chunk
of 2x4 out of the scrap bin, drilled a pattern of 9/16" holes in it, and then, chucking a Morse Taper 2 reamer
 into the mill, bored them out into a series of tapered holes. That's not the best way to treat a
 good reamer, but being soft pine it shouldn't have damaged anything noticeably.
Note the machinists' jack at the right hand end for support.

Drill rack

That chunk got sawed off and filed a bit, and for mounting, I took a piece of 3/4"x1/8" flatbar,
and drilled and bent it into a couple of quickie shelf brackets. Sure, I could have bought some,
but it took me less time to make a pair than it would have to drive to Home Depot.

Drill rack

That whole mess then just got screwed to the wall over in the corner near the Sheldon lathe.
This particular rack holds all my Morse Taper 2 drills, with room for a few more as I buy or
otherwise acquire them. Here shortly, I'll have to make another rack that will go over by
the Arboga drill press, to hold its MT3 drills.

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