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The movie Repo Men (Jude Law, 2010) features a specialty 'less than lethal' gun based off of paintball technology.

Repo Men
Just before going aboard a cargo ship to "repossess" an organ from one of the crewmembers, Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker)
open up the back of their SUV, revealing an armory. The nearest and middle guns are Fabrique Nationale FN303 "less than lethal" launchers,
which are drum-fed, AGD Automag-based weapons used primarily for crowd control. The middle one is assembled, the foreground one is
shown separated from the stock and includes four drum magazines shown at the left.

Repo Men
Remy first slides the launcher body itself into the stock and grip mount...

Repo Men
Then slides the 22ci HPA tank into place (note the two QD nipples right below his watch. One to conenct to the gun, one for filling.)

Repo Men
And finally inserts and "slaps" into place a 15-round drum.

Repo Men
In use, the guns are shown to fire a dim red energy bolt, and make a sound like an electrical discharge.

Repo Men
Note here the red special effect appears to have been superimposed on a white streak- I suspect the actors were firing actual
projectiles in some scenes, and the SFX crew simply rotoscoped the blaster effect over the resulting streak.

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