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The movie Child's Play 3 (Justin Whalin, 1991) features a class of Military Academy cadets using "paint bullets" during a training exercise.

Child's Play 3
Andy (Justin Whalin) is now a teenager, and enrolled in a Military Academy. The Academy is sending the class out on a 'capture the flag' training exercise.

Child's Play 3
The class' commander tells them they will be using the "standard Springfield ought-three", a classic bolt-action military rifle. He then demonstrates
their specialty paint ammo against a nearby door.

Child's Play 3
First the Red Teams', then the Blue. The hits look like actual paintball marks, but were probably not fired from the rifle.

Child's Play 3
Meanwhile, inside the apparently-unguarded armory, Chucky finds several racks of color-coded 1903 Springfields, ready for the Cadets.

Child's Play 3
Chucky takes one down, and unloads the "paint" round.

Child's Play 3
And drops it on the floor. Note the "bullet" is sticking further out of the shell than when we saw it above.

Child's Play 3
Chucky then reloads the rifle with a live full metal jacket round.

Child's Play 3
He goes on to do the same thing with the rest of the Red Teams' rifles. The "bullets" appear to be a clear plastic or glass case, filled with a red
substance. These are not Simunition rounds; Simunitions use a specialty cartridge case, and have a grooved, translucent projectile.
Note the slight streak of red on the concrete at the left, indicating one of the 'bullets' may have broken open as Chucky dropped it.

Child's Play 3
The two teams then head out for their exercise. Very little of the actual exercise takes place, thanks to Chucky's later actions; only one Red rifle is
seen being fired (killing some poor cadet) and the Blues are not seen to be fired at all.

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