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The DVD for the movie 8 Mile (Eminem, 2002) contains a deleted scene featuring a paintball drive-by shooting.

8 Mile
In the scene, the crew are all out cruising and one night, when Sol George (Omar Benson Miller) rolls down his backseat window and
pulls out a Tippmann Pro-Lite.

8 Mile
Sol then points the gun out the window and takes aim, despite the marker clearly lacking any kind of a loader.

8 Mile
And yet he manages to make a direct hit on a giant cow's head sign above an ice cream booth. The mark looks like an actual paintball hit.

8 Mile
Sol passes the marker forward to "Future" (Mekhi Phifer) so he can have a try. You can clearly see the distinctive Pro-Lite grip.
The CO2 tank is a ubiquitous Catalina, and appears to be a 12-ounce.

8 Mile
Future leans out the window and takes aim at two guys standing outside a liquor store.

8 Mile
The shot hits the wall next to them, causing them to duck. One turns and flips the bird to everyone in the car.

8 Mile
"B-Rabbit" (Eminem) then tells Future to take the wheel, while he crawls out the window. You can see the side of the marker fairly clearly;
the "Tippmann" nameplate has been blacked out and the hammer is in the cocked position.

8 Mile
He first takes aim at a bus parked at the curb, but as they pass by, they see a police car is parked at the opposite corner. B-Rabbit fires anyway.

8 Mile
His first shot striking the patrol car in the door.

8 Mile
B-Rabbit shoots again- he may not have had a loader, but it clearly had CO2 in the tank.

8 Mile
His second shot marks the windshield. The previous three shots were all red, and appeared to be actual paintball hits. The strike on the windshield of the
patrol car, however, is white and far too large. Presumably the director wanted the shot to be more prominent.
(Still, four shots isn't bad for a marker with no loader.  )

NOTE: Most paintballers know this, but just in case it isn't clear, this would of course all be quite illegal in real life. Shooting the cow and the car would
be vandalism, and shooting at the two people standing by the liquor store would be charged as assault.

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